It’s no secret that when SnowBall announced that they would be bringing the festival down to Denver in 2014, it was met with mixed reactions.  While some relished the prospect of a city-based event, many (very vocal) others felt as though the festival had lost connection to its roots.  Well we couldn’t have been more excited when the announcement came out, and now we’d like to set the record straight with 10 definitive reasons that SnowBall is better off in Denver.

1.  Better Accessibility

While in the mountains we were dependent on temperamental bus lines, which never really seemed like they wanted to help us get to the festival.  Getting around in Denver is a much different story.  From a giant, well-oiled public transit system (including easy access to bus and light rail lines) to reliable taxis standard modes of transportation abound in the city.  But what’s even better is SnowBall’s partnership with Uber who’s offering a 20 dollar credit to attendees who are first time riders.  Full deets on getting to the festival can be found here; really there is no reason not to have a safe ride to/ from SnowBall this year.

2.  More Places to Stay

In ski towns like Avon and Winter Park the SnowBall crowd was reliant on very limited, very expensive resort lodging many of whom were less than enthusiastic to help festival attendees find a nice place to stay.  Not only does Denver have a heap more/ more affordable hotels than these mountain towns, your chances of having a friend in town to stay with are significantly higher.  No friend to crash with?  You can always try Couch Surfing.

3. No More Mucky Fields

Oh, the notorious bane of SnowBalls past, the festival grounds, fields that would start out as beautiful fallen snow and wind up looking like something more suited for mud wrestling than watching music.  We remember a puddle so large under one of the tents it cleared out almost the entire back section’s capacity.  Well fear no more, we’ll be partying on good ol’ reliable asphalt this year, which regardless of weather will hold up substantially better than the grassy fields of years past.

4.  No More Icy Hill of Doom

One thing every festival-goer remembers from SnowBall in Avon was imperiling their life to get down to the main stage.  While the field turned to muck, the embankment down to there turned into a veritable skating rink.  While past competitors of Crashed Ice might have found this suitable, the rest of us (especially those whose coordination was temporarily impaired) were stuck swallowing our pride and falling on our asses just to watch some music.

5.  No Snobby Ski-Town Tourists

Another frequently noted issue from past SnowBall attendees was the company we were sharing these towns with.  Namely out-of-state tourists who only saw the festival, and all it’s participants as something cheating them out of their perfect vacation.  While any festival is sure to stir-up the local pot, Denver is much more accustomed to hosting events of this size and we’ll likely see a less viscerally negative reaction from others around town.

6.  Nicer Weather (Probably)

While the weather in Colorado is always impossible to predict, it is a fact that summer does show up months earlier to the front range than in the mountains.  Sure we might see snow, or sun, or rain (or likely all three), but it’s guaranteed to be less bone-chilling than the Colorado Rockies in early March.

7.  Late Night Munchies

Here’s a fun fact there are no establishments open 24 hours in Avon, Colorado.  A situation that was very similar in Winter Park.  Being a self-respecting, real city Denver has a number of places to get your grub on at any hour.  We’re stoked to cram our faces full of VooDoo Doughnuts on our way home, but if you’re looking for something a little more savory give Denver Diner or Cosmo’s Pizza a try.

8.  Way More After Party Spots

Avon and Winter Park have bars and venues to support a small town and tourist population which left event organizers and party-goers wanting for awesome venues at which to after party, and sent us further afield looking for venues (a dangerous prospect given the aforementioned lack of mountain transit).  Denver, on the other hand, has more venues than it knows what to do with and will have after parties to suit whatever mood strikes you.  Be sure to stay up on Souls In Action and SnowBall media for forthcoming announcements about late night activities during the festival.

9.  Who Was Really Skiing Anyways?

As a long-time, very avid skier who will brave about any conditions (physically, mentally, or meteorologically) to get some turns in, couldn’t justify getting on to the mountain during SnowBall’s past.  Less intrepid skiers never even considered it.  Plus with awesome music starting as early as 1 or 2 and after parties going into the wee hours of the morning, putting in any substantial snow time just wasn’t in the cards.

10.  There Are Recreational Marijuana Stores In Denver

Need we say more?