With Arise Festival fast approaching we couldn’t get any more excited.  From a fantastic music line-up, to a world-class festival ground, to an intoxicating spirit, it’s easy to see why Arise is considered more of a movement than a festival.  We are elated to be presenting our first ever stage with the Souls Rising electronic stage, happening all weekend.  But did you know that there’s much, MUCH more to do than just watch the music?  Well here are 10 of the things we’ll be doing when we can manage to tear ourselves away from the music.

1. Get inspired by some indie documentaries.

Arise is setting up an intimate theater once again to show off another great type of art, film.  And in keeping with the festival’s cause-based efforts you know these flicks will be inspiring as all get out.  Come watch a couple and figure out how you’re going to make the world a better place after leaving Arise.


2.  Stare in awe at the works of Bruce Campbell


If there’s one thing that Arise is certain not to be short on it’s world-class visual art.  But we have to call this guy out in particular.  After the smashing success of his totemic idol (above) last year, the festival organizers have brought him back again to create yet another masterpiece that is sure to inspire (if not slightly terrify) us all.


3. Give generously to the Conscious Alliance Food Drive.

Arise and us here at Souls In Action have our fires fueled by giving back while having fun.  So we were elated to see that the folks over at Conscious Alliance will yet again be hosting a food drive during the festival!  Bring some non-perishable, and healthy items to donate and help benefit the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  As an added bonus if you bring 20 items or more (or make a suggested monetary donation) you’ll get styled out with a rad festival poster!


4.  Perfect dem belly dancin’ skillz.

While you will likely never look as good as Beats Antique’s Zoe Jakes while you do it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give belly dancing a spin.  They have multiple workshops going on throughout the weekend to help any and all who wish to try their hand (er belly) at it, plus you’re damn sure going to get a good work out while you do it!


5.  Learn some things and get worldly with out of control workshops

Life is about the pursuit of knowledge and the good folks at Arise want you to come out of their festival a little bit smarter.  As such they’ve built up an impressive series of workshops to take place during the festival, featuring speakers from around the world.  From sitar, to aligning your energy we guarantee that you’ll have something to learn from these folks.


6.  Learn even more things with world class presenters.

That theater ain’t only for film.  Arise is bringing in a great set of presenters to help make you even more worldly.  Incase you weren’t inspired enough by the films or the workshops these guys will be sure to set you leaving Arise inspired.


7.  Peruse some art galleries.

And on the 7th the the Arise gods said “Let there be art!”.  And there was art.  All across the festival grounds will be scattered galleries or artists from the world over.  There’s sure to be something for everyone, so make sure to carve out a little time for the visual arts.


8. Yoga your brains out.

No literally you’re going to be able to do yoga till your brain turns to taffy.  In an unprecedented move the good folks at Arise have absolutely STACKED their line-up of guest yoga instructors.  Basically their page of instructors looks like their music lineup in terms of sheer depth.  Top that off with a beautiful dedicated yoga pavilion and the sanctuary of The Temple Of The Heart, you’re certain to leave Arise more centered.


9. Get some sexual healin’.

Out of all the available workshops this is certain to draw a crowd.  Jillian Frazin certainly has a depth of experience in working with sexual energy.  The workshop is set to begin with some insights into the world of sexual healing, following up with activation of attendees’ sexual energy to incorporate it into a healthier overall spirit.


10.  Soak up the views of Sunrise Ranch.

sunrish ranch

Need we say more?


Arise is set to take off August 8-10th in Loveland Colorado.  Be sure to grab your ticket before they go up in price, and you’ll leave recharged, centered, and inspired.