By: Hope Bradford

On a warm Fall day I meet soul singer/songwriter, Povi and photographer, Sammy Keller at the Denver Skate Park. We grabbed some coffee, sat down in the grass, and chatted about inspiration, diversity, and what it’s like to be the fastest growing female artist in an even faster growing city.


Upon first meeting, it’s evident that Povi is as grounded as she is talented; expressing her fondness for the neighborhood in which she was born, Park Hill/ Five Points. Povi was born in Denver, raised in Gun Barrel (Colorado), and grew up in the Bay Area. Although Povi has spent time outside of Colorado, she holds an immense amount of respect for Denver as the city that she continues to grow in and the city that “honestly let (her) be an artist.” Coffee in hand, we talked about growing up in Colorado and the changes it is undergoing. Povi is enthusiastic about Denver’s growth and is excited for people to experience the place that “always has been and will continue to be home.”

Povi’s mom, also a Colorado native, is one of her most powerful influences. From a young age, she engrained a strong work ethic in her daughter that has not gone unnoticed. Soulful, accessible, and honest, Povi’s music reaches well beyond her home state. She was on tour earlier this year and spent some time at SXSW where she got the concept for her most recent project, a video cover of Lil’ Yachty’s “Minnesota”.

povi-x-souls-sept-2016-2What started out as an idea ended with a stunning celebration of the 90’s, girls, barbecues, and everything that summer time dreams are made of. “I just wanted to do something that was really weird and out of the ordinary for a soul singer to cover.” When I ask her about her inspiration she tells me that, “the most inspiring places can come out of the most random occasions,” and a lot of that inspiration comes from the state of mind she is in and the company she keeps. Povi has a strong group of friends and family who have inspired her along the way. Whether that is in the studio, spending time with her girls, or walking around SXSW.

Povi also seeks influence from other artists such as Beyoncé, Mick Jenkins, and Nao, all of whom she is currently listening to.

Povi is staying busy and says other projects aren’t far behind. She loves performing and touring is on the artist’s radar. Although, Denver is home, she thinks it is important to touch down in other cities.


Be sure to check out Povi as she takes the stage this Friday, September 30th, at one of her favorite venues, The Gothic, with Nao and RumTum.  Make sure you RSVP for this event curated by Red Bull Sound Select and Souls in Action for $3 tickets.