In cinema, it’s rare to see an original flick outdone by it’s sequel. In some cases they are so bad that they almost make you resent the original (we’re looking at you, The Hangover). In music, the same can be said for remixes. This one however, may be one of those few exceptions. Chris Brown’s new-ish Drunk Texting has seen all the notoriety and radio play that you would expect from one of the most infamous, I mean famous R&B singers today. But SIA’s very own Adam Snow‘s screw on it may be even better. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that without an original there can be no sequel, but speaking from a strictly aesthetic standpoint, the Adam Snow version is just as good, if not better (in our humble opinion). After listening to both versions multiple times, this slowed down, heavier remix just sounds plain sexier. Ok, maybe we’re a little biased. Regardless, the production and creativity invested in this one is undeniable.

Disclaimer: Souls In Action does not condone drunk texting.