“Revel” is a high energy instrumental rock single from Boulder based trio, Evanoff. The song’s instrumentation takes inspiration from classic bands such as The Who and Pink Floyd, while implementing the song structure of contemporary jam and dance music bands, such as Lotus and STS9. Evanoff seeks to expand outside the bounds of a typical jam band, bringing back the spirit of classic rock and roll.


“After performing Revel live for the last 6 months, we finally got into the studio and took this song to a whole other level! This song really captures the essence of who we are as musicians, and will be the first single released that illustrates what we bring to the table in our live shows, which is pure, unfiltered, high energy rock and roll! From face melting bass and guitar solos, to funky, danceable grooves… Revel gives you it all.” – JJ Evanoff

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