In anticipation of their upcoming (May 5th) album release Denver local-boys Motion Trap have been putting out some fiery releases.  But few, if any, can hold a candle to the latest view into the electro-psych world of their album ‘Pale Blue Dot’, a collaboration with Souls In Action artist Turner Jackson. It’s called ‘Less Is More’ and while I agree with the mantra they seem to definitely be further towards the “more” side of the spectrum with this track.

With a lumbering start and heavy production throughout, the guys lay down a well polished and expansive track from start to finish. Distorted vocals bring this track to the forefront of great indie dance but they won’t stop there. Spacey synths begin to provide indications of a track with a little more going on. Then Turner takes a swing. Track star vocals seethe with his signature articulate and upbeat sound. And of course the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, if the same holds true for the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ album, we should be in for quite a ride.

Be sure to follow Motion Trap for updates and get ready for the May 5th release of ‘Pale Blue Dot’. Also be on the lookout for some updates from yours truly leading up to this epic release!