The Denver rooted eclectically sexy psychedelic electronic dance rock quartet that is Motion Trap has released their first full length album, Palebluedot, on May 5th and it is nothing short of dynamic. The album is danceable, relatable, and more importantly pulls the listener outside themselves to shift focus into different perspectives. This funky love child is a true blend of that which is tangibly soulful in electronic and jam collaboration. If the

melting pot wasn’t enough for the listeners of Motion Trap prior to the unveiling of Palebluedot, the guys then decided to join musical forces with Souls In Actions’ very own Denver-based emcee Turner Jackson. This fusion of hip hop flows, electronic riffs, seductive synthey feels, ebbing vocals, and energetic rhythms throws a wide lasso for the music lover to become ensnared. Souls In Action was able to get together with Motion Trap to delve into Palebluedot’s production, collaboration with Turner Jackson, and the direction of this disruptively creative four piece.

SIA: Turner Jackson collaborated with you and it has created a very unique touch to your music …how was that idea and collaboration born?

MT: Turner has been a friend of MT for the past several of years. We have always enjoyed his music as he has a very creative and unique sound. When we started writing tracks for PBD we had a few beats that we thought would really be complimented by Turners sound. So we showed him the tracks and Turner said ‘super chill’. He came to the studio and we laid down tracks for less is more and fresh start. Both songs came together quite painlessly and the rest is history.

SIA: What has been the vision and focus for the new album Palebluedot? how long has it been in the works?

MT: PBD has been in the works for the last couple of years. Although some of the songs were created in some form 10 years ago. The thought process really started coming together in the past year. For awhile we weren’t necessarily sold on incorporating vocals into our sound, but once we decided to go in that direction PBD really became the theme quite quickly. Our vision is a sense of self realization. We want the live show and music to be an experience. We hope people come away with an enlightened feeling along with an uplifting experience.

SIA: What is up next for motion trap and the album?

MT: After our cd release we will be doing a west coast tour this summer and begin working on our next release. Probably and EP but we have several new songs in the works already.

I think we all bring in our different influenced in different ways, from indie rock all the way to dub step and r and b.

SIA: How did you all come together and when? What is the background on where you are all from and influences that have shaped you musically?

MT: Kyle (production and bass) Nathan (vocals and guitar) and Anthony (guitar) have been working together on music for the last 10 years in various forms. We have a strayed our separate ways at times but when the moment came we all came back together in Denver with the intention of making music bigger than ourselves.

Sean (drummer) joined MT this past year. We recruited him because of his specific talents with electronic beats, technical prowess, and receptiveness to Denver music scene. He is originally from New Jersey and with that he brings a sound MT desperately needed.

Kyle, Anthony, and Nathan all hail from central Nebraska. With the limited influence in all things different that Nebraska held, Denver was an obvious choice for relocation 5 years ago.

I think we all bring in our different influenced in different ways, from indie rock all the way to dub step and r and b. It is what makes MT a very unique sound musically.

SIA: Did you have any idea that this was the sound you were going for?

MT: I don’t think we ever tried to create a specific sound. We all had a direction in our minds, but the beautiful part is we never limited each other from putting our own creative influence into our instruments.

As of right now we haven’t specifically labeled our sound. We can leave that interpretation to the music listeners.

SIA: How would you describe your sound and direction as a group?

As of right now we haven’t specifically labeled our sound. We can leave that interpretation to the music listeners. We are just hoping that people enjoy the experience that MT brings to each show along with the energy. As for the album we want people to put on a pair of headphones and find out what PBD means to them. It is open for interpretation as with any piece of art.

SIA: Has your sound changed since you first came together/consciously?

MT: Consciously no, but yes it has changed. As with most things we hope it has changed for the better over time. I definitely think we have become more mature with our music over the years.

SIA: Any major influences and contributing influences?

MT: Influences are a range of artists like Radiohead,Tycho, Explosions in the sky, and SBTRKT.

SIA: Anything you want to drive home for your fans enjoying this new album?

MT: Finally, we hope people can come an experience our new live show. We have spent lots of time and energy putting together our new look and feel.


Check out Palebluedot today!