If your ears are in need of something fresh and original, look no further than Proper Motion‘s brand new EP Keep It Rollin’. It’s short, sweet, and sure hell makes the Souls In Action family pretty damn proud. My favorite aspect of this EP is it’s chill factor. I’m a big fan of Gramatik, so the overall soulful vibe is right up my alley.

The single off the EP Keep It Rollin’ is super groovy and flawlessly composed. The production is laid back and simple, with some subtle drum and bass nuances throughout. Plus the saxophone and piano add a classical and soulful flare. Sunset Cruise has a similar melodic theme, but has a stronger electronic presence due to the subtle use of synthesizers. Midnight Moves is smooth and sexy. Featuring Andrew Clymer of Sunsquabi slapping the bass, this track is a head bobber from start to finish. You can definitely pick up on Noah’s background with hip hop while listening to this track.

Overall, the EP is an easy listener from beginning to end. I had a chance to see Proper Motion last weekend at Arise Music Festival, and the homie did not disappoint. One of my favorite aspects about Noah is that, just like his music, he doesn’t have to try too hard. He’s just up there enjoying the shit out of himself. You ever go to a show and you almost can’t enjoy it because you feel like the producer is up there trying to sell you? Not in Proper Motion’s case. He’s as cool as a cucumber and his music speaks for itself. His set at Arise drew in quite a decent sized crowd, and was made extra memorable by appearances from Kevin Donohue and Chris Anderson from Sunsquabi.

“Keep it rollin’ like the tide, enjoy the ride.  Keep it rollin’ like the waves on the sea. Keep it rolling see the reflection in everybody. We keep it rollin’ and we don’t stop. Let go, get gone, be free, and breath.”

Do yourself a solid and download Keep It Rollin’ on ProperMotionMusic.com, Soundcloud, Spotify, or Itunes.