Our fallen soldier and one of the very first SIA collective artists, Jake Powell Foerster, aka Fievel, is gone but not forgotten. Today we’ve teamed up with a bunch of dope people, local and beyond, to release a bunch of unreleased tracks and remixes. Find more info on where you can grab this sweet package, and read the full press release from Elise McKay below.

Introducing “ReFieVel

Unreleased Collaborations from FieVel and Friends to Benefit JFMAF (The Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund)



(December 17th, 2015 – Denver, CO) – After over a year of work, the collaborative FieVel album, ReFieVel, has been released to the public with all proceeds going towards JFMAF (the Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund). This album is an original music compilation featuring unreleased collaborations from the late Jake Powell Foerster, known musically as FieVel, and some of his close friends and colleagues from the bass music industry in and around Denver, CO. After Jake’s passing in August of 2013, each artist took on one of his unfinished projects to create an original song in tribute to his vibrant life, energy, and infectious passion for bass music. ReFieVel is the collective effort of 6 local musicians and friends of Jake who were touched by his spirit and inspired to carry on his legacy through music. Each track on the album tells a different story; a rare opportunity for loved ones to collaborate with Jake again – to take what their friend started and bring it to fruition.

It is easy to say without any hesitation that Jake “Mouse” Foerster was loved by every person who met him. He was a shining light – goofy, friendly and hilarious with a giant cheesy grin on his face. He occupied a special place in the hearts of those who knew him. His uniquely contagious positivity and personality had a way of seeping into the cracks of your soul and filling you with joy from the inside out. Born and bred in Colorado, he developed a great enthusiasm for the creation of music throughout his time in the Aspen School District. As time went on, his love for Reggae and bass music developed into more of a passion, and he started to create and mix his own sets on his pair of NS7 CDJs. After moving to Durango, CO for college in 2010, he balanced his music and studies with his job as a raft guide on the Animas River. Though he became a linchpin in the small but enthusiastic music scene in Durango, he set his sights on Boulder and Denver. Once he reached the foothills, his growth as a musician was exponential. After partnering with lifelong friend Loren Lujan (Lolo) to create their well-known DJ duo, FieVel & Lolo, he traded in living rooms at house parties for real venues with real crowds. Once FieVel became a household name in Denver’s mass music scene, he was able to work on producing his own original songs. His life’s dream was always to create and play his own tracks as an independent artist, and his musical future was never brighter than it was when he passed away in 2013. This passion, drive, and upward momentum is what his friends wanted to capture and continue in ReFieVel.


All proceeds from this compilation are donated to the Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund for charitable purposes. JFMAF was created in 2013 to commemorate the life and passions of Jake, an exuberant young man with a great enthusiasm for the creation of music and the culture surrounding it. Since the beginning of the fund many Aspen High School Graduates have been awarded scholarships to pursue their musical passions through college. Much like Jake’s journey into music, many different students with many different musical talents and goals have benefited from the fund. Beyond just musical talent, JFMAF also seeks to attract students who approach life and academics with a great commitment. They try hard to seek out students who take a wholesome approach to their life in general (in the words of Jake, they work to find students who are “killing it”).

This album is so much more than just music. For the artists involved, it serves as a uniquely tangible way to reconnect with their beloved friend through what bonded them, their shared passion for music. For the listeners, it becomes an audible letter from a lost brother – a reminder of his everlasting presence, love and spirit. Above all, ReFieVel is a bold continuation of Jake’s legacy. It is a celebration of life and music set to the tune of “Mouse”, and we hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as everyone enjoyed making it.

– Press release written by Elise Mackay –

– For more information about ReFieVel, contact Loren Lujan at loren@wearemassive.co

– For more information about JFMAF, contact EJ Foerster at ej@jakefoersterfund.org

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