Well the ever-growing, ever-working collective is at it again with some fresh releases from our favorite glitch-hop and downtempo artists, Krooked Drivers and Adam Snow.  Both hot in their own regards and most definitely worth a listen…or three.

KD has taken on JK Soul’s ‘Illusions’ in a manner that well befits a big up and coming glitch act.  For me it harks back to PL’s ‘Passing Behind Your Eyes’ sound, I believe means big things for Maddy and Donnie in the near future.  Oh and be sure not to miss them at the 1UP in Denver this Friday.  Video games and glitch hop, what’s not to love?

Meanwhile our own Adam Snow has put his own screw on Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Or Nah’ adding to the work that The Weeknd has already done to the track.  As you might expect the result is a song that drops panties like your mom drops hints that you need to find a job.  And boy oh boy does it drop ’em well.  But I’m just saying don’t listen to it with your grandma, unless you want like the most awkward 6 minutes and 54 seconds of your life.