We are proud to announce that Souls In Action Collective artist Turner Jackson, and friend of the SIA fam Lily Fangz will be featured in Shredded Beats Festival presented by So Gnar on Friday, June 26th, 2015.

“Shredded Beats in a quarterly concert event series that was originally designed and created by Pat Milbery and the rest of the So-Gnar Creative Division back in 2006 to tie in the cultures of Music, Visual Art and action sports all into one event.”

Lily Fangz will be taking the stage at Lost Lake along with Reason the Citizen, Travellers Music, Kruza Kid, and AG Flux + Maulskull

Turner Jackson is joining Wandering Monks, Wasteland Hop, Kind Dub, and Furbie Cakes at Park House

More event info HERE

shredded beats festival 6:15