Souls In Action Collective artist Ehren Wright AKA SoDown (Boulder, CO) just dropped a new track entitled Rhino Funk that is guaranteed to get you moving!
SoDown has shared the stage with acts such as ill.Gates, R/D, Opiuo, Random Rab, Bassnectar, The Floozies, Bluetech, Bass Science, Love and Light, Kaminanda, and more.
This is a name to remember, you will be seeing it a lot more in the Denver EDM scene.

Catch SoDown at The Unofficial Sonic Bloom Party at Armoury along with Casual Commander of Sunsquabi, Tkettle, and Toy Box this Thursday (6/11/15)

“Brand new all original stompy, swunky, saxy, music for your ears 🙂
Love you,