The long awaited Red Plastic Cup is a quintessential coming-of-age story – an irreverent look at young love, lust, rejection and everything that comes with trying to find your place as a 20-something. The album brings light to a new side of Turner Jackson that is sure to impress. With the inclusion of live instrumentation and a fresh new sound, this 10-track LP shows us that the performer has broken the glass ceiling of his hip-hop origins and come into his own multi-genre sound. Jackson’s skillful hip-hop and melodic vocals are backed by the live band Motion Trap, and the album jumps seamlessly from gospel and soul influences to electro-pop, indie, punk, and rock, while keeping a cohesive feel throughout.
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Red Plastic Cup Track List:

1. Hard Man

2. Luck Of The Draw

3. Fool’s Gold

4. Red Plastic Cup

5. Drunk Baby

6. Yesterday

7. The Man

8. Ya I Stunt

9. See You Again