Who doesn’t love a good track remix these days? I had friends who used to criticize my love for EDM, saying that most electronic producers are unoriginal copycats who claim their fame by remixing a song that someone else has already created. Oh how sorry I feel for those closed-minded haters. My take on the subject, is that a remix is made for fun and out of love and respect for the original artist. Nobody remixes a track that they didn’t like from the start. I think of a remix as somebody putting their own spin and flavor on a track that inspires them, and isn’t inspiration one of the most important aspects of music? A remix isn’t a duplicate, it’s a celebration.

These guys seem to know what I’m talking about. AARMAXX is the collaborative effort of Los Angeles boys Max Goldman and Aaron Zuckerman. The name AARMAXX comes from their first two names combined.  It is their way to express themselves creatively, and frankly, to produce whatever the hell they want. Today, we have the privilege of introducing your ears to their latest remix of “Are You That Somebody”  by Aaliyah. This track is dripping from start to finish with head bobbing beats, tasteful production, and classic “Cali” swagger. This is a simple and catchy take on the original, a perfect track to listen to on this beautiful sunny Monday afternoon.  In light of the new track, here’s what Max and Aaron had to say about it:

As usual with all our remixes, we crafted this track when we got tired of producing formulaic pop songs and needed a creative outlet. The point of AARMAXX is to have an avenue to express all of our ideas that a record label would normally say no to.  We love creating. It’s not to get views or build a brand. We just want to have a blast, go overboard, and force our friends to play our music in their cars so we can jam together. We hope that anyone listening can hear the fun we had making it, and can be inspired to do superfluous creative things in their own life.”

These two sound like my kind of people. Going with the flow, forging their own path, and not making life more serious or dramatic than it needs to be. Quite a refreshing stance if you ask me. There’s so many artists these days who are a little too focused on playing by the rules, and how many plays they have on Soundcloud or how many “likes” they have on Facebook. What if every producer had a creative outlet to express whatever they felt like with nobody to judge or instruct them? That is the creative freedom that AARMAXX represents, using this project as a way to keep things fun, fresh, and to preserve the sheer magic that making music brings them.

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