“When it comes to this / I’d rather reminisce / ‘cuz reality is wearing me down” sings John Jagos, the brainchild behind Brothertiger, in his recently released single Wake. It’s the first of two singles released on the upcoming album Out of Touch due out December 4th.

But contrary to the opening lyrics, Jagos has never been more in touch. His previously released work had a much different sound. An instant classic from his earlier formative years is Feel. The lyrics are almost indiscernible and there’s a thumping synth laced vibe. It’s five minutes of feel good nostalgia – an escape from reality.

Wake feels like an impetus for Jagos.  The sound is much more organic than previous works and the trademark lo-fi vocals have been replaced with recognizable lyrics. Out of Touch, the other single released thus far, doubles down on these themes. The tunes still have the signature feel-good aura to them but his sound is clearly evolving for the better. He might be out of touch, but at least he knows it.

Catch Brothertiger in Denver on Nov. 20th.

Check out the album here.

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