CAMPOUT FOR THE CAUSE is less than a month away! We figured it’s about time to start getting you psyched for some of the incredible music that will be delighting your ears at Rancho Del Rio! We’ve been gathering our research and have decided to feature a handful of “Not To Miss Artists” over the next couple of weeks, so that you can become more familiar with some of the artists you maybe haven’t heard before, and therefore not miss out on any of the musical action.

First up on the agenda is OLD SALT UNION, a St. Louis style string band who had us hooked at first listen. The group was founded in 2012 and have been on a roll ever since! They stay true to their bluegrass roots, while creating a complex and sky rocketing energy that will leave you hypnotized to the pick of their strings. What sets this progressive string group apart from the rest however, is “their ability to further explore the jazz and blues roots of Bluegrass in a mature and refreshing manner.” Try to imagine an eclectic fusion of DEL McCOURY and BILL EVANS in a contemporary style. Old Salt Union’s devotion to a pure and raw approach towards both bluegrass and jazz is what makes them an “Artist Not To Miss” on the Souls In Action’s Campout For The Cause list. Don’t sleep on your chance to get to know all the rest of the amazing music artists on the Campout For The Cause MUSIC LINEUP.

More festival information and tickets can be found HERE.