We would like to announce and share with you our newest Clean Water Around the World Project #CleanWaterPhilippines. After the success and learning experiences in Haiti, we decided it was time to plan another Clean Water Project to a part of the world that is still in need of help.

   As many of you know, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in an un-foreseen and unimaginable way on November 8th 2013. Just a little over a year ago these beautiful people saw over 6,000 fatalities, billions of dollars in damages to houses, businesses, and monuments with the infrastructure to their lives and communities destroyed. A year later, we still see hundreds of thousands of people homeless, and living in conditions that have them dangerously exposed to the elements and possible crimes. There are many communities that lack clean running water and piping systems. There are food shortages as well as major health concerns if things don’t get better. No matter how strong and resilient the Filipino people are they cannot do it alone.

   Our plan is to head to the Philippines in late March of 2015, and stay for 2 weeks installing Clean Water filters to the communities and people in need. Our goal is to take a minimum of 100 filters with us so that we cannot only provide filters to the communities, but directly to households as well. We will pass out food, clothing and shoes, and try and help build and reconstruct where we can. We will visit Tacloban and Leyte as main focus areas, but as these next several weeks go by, we will be able to further define that map and target the specific areas of need.

We have been fortunate enough to team up with Kathy Poland, owner of Denver’s, A Taste of the Philippines, whom has family directly affected by the Typhoon. Kathy not only has a strong passion for this project, she already has the wheels turning helping us connect with all the right contacts for this project while we plan out all the logistics for our time in the Philippines. With Kathy’s help we will be able to truly identify the areas of need, what supplies and help we must bring, as well as being able to stay in close contact, throughout the planning process, with the people who are currently and intermittently being affected by this storm. We want to bring what is truly needed and maximize the time we are there.

    We will need all of your support and help with Phase II of Clean Water Around the World. If you haven’t had time to familiarize yourself with our Clean Water Haiti project, please feel free to do so that you may get a better understanding of our mission, plans and the work that we will be doing.

    We would love to have you get involved and donate what you can. These projects are made possible by you, the people, who take the time to care, see the vision, and understand the needs of those in need Around the World. These real world issues matter, and we appreciate you taking the time be too apart of these journeys. Even a small donation goes a long way in helping save lives, and to re-build communities for those in need…. Thank you for your continued support and help as we try to expand these projects into something bigger and on a larger scale, so that we can continue to have a lasting effect on communities Around the World! #juatw #CleanWaterAroundtheWorld.  

You can buy tickets HERE.