By: Devin Tyler

Denver’s 3rd annual Cloak & Dagger music festival is back and better than ever. This year the line-up is just a crazy mixing pot of multiple genres from underground and more well-known artist. Cloak & Dagger decided to raise the bar this year and brought along an incredibly talented group of some of our favorite locals.

As the festival approaches only two weeks away, we decided to help you get familiar with the talented group of locals from the smooth electrosoul sounds of CRL CRRLL to the manic mixes of Milky.WAV. Check it out and if you have’t yet grab your tickets for this not to miss event!


Enter to Win!

On the heals of releasing their new EP  Realize (Tomorrow 10/4) Dynohunter combines an amazing live band experience with beautifully composed and tasteful house music.

Covex – Denver
Denver’s musical wizard, Covex, is a DJ/Producer who takes the undying energy of electronic music and compresses the sounds into a soothing and smooth experience for the speakers to radiate.

Sloane Peterson – Denver
The 24-year old music producer, Sloane Peterson is a prime example of the hidden talents that echos throughout the mountains of Colorado. Her house and soul sound influences make her music the perfect sounds to move to.

Aaron Bordas – Denver
DJ/Producer Aaron Bordas embodies the sounds of deep techno and house in his upbeat mixes. Aside from his core musical approach, Aaron still manages to tie in a variety of elements from guitar riffs to 70’s horns and make it sound seamlessly smooth.

Crl Crrll – Denver
With his crisp vocals and electro-soul sound, CRL CRRLL cultivates some of the smoothest groove and funk inspired songs that the state of Colorado has ever felt.

Andy Immerman – Denver
Multi-talented veteran producer, Andy Immerman can do everything from photography to engineering but what makes him special is his musical talent. Andy produces chillwave inspired music that brings together the elements of electronic dance and raw synthesized sounds.

Milky.Wav – Denver
One of the many talented artist on the Souls In Action roster, DJ/Producer Milky.WAV, takes the essence of house music and adds a galactic-like hip-hop layer to create some of the craziest sounds in the Denver music scene today.

Rose Hips – Denver
DJ/Producer Rose Hips is a vibe curatorator and sound selector whose sounds range from soulful grooves to upbeat dance mixes.

Collin McKenna – Denver
One half of the dynamic duo, Keepers, Collin McKenna is a DJ/Producer who intertwines a deep soul influence into his house sound to keep the dance floors busy.

Freddy Rule – Denver
Founder of the Hoodie House artist collective, Freddy Rule is a deep house music producer and DJ. Rule creates techno and deep bass house style music that aims to shake the soul.

Jilly.FM – Denver
Souls In Action music creative, Jilly.FM, intertwines the natural energy or hip-hop and future soul to create some of the craziest production and mixes.