Heading to the Houston Renaissance Fair Grounds this May to dance it out medieval style with some of your favorite artists at Middlelands 2017? Here is everything you need to know about starting your Summer off right in Todd Mission, Texas at one of the most unique themed festivals of the year.

So, you got your ticket…now what? Lucky for you, Texas is just a flight away, or a drive if road trips are more your thing. Middlelands has made partying easier than ever by providing a ton of options for you to get the most out of your festival experience. You can pretty much fly into any of the major airports in Texas but if you don’t have any other plans like visiting your great Aunt in Dallas, then I suggest flying into the Houston airport which is only about 50 miles from Todd Mission. However, if you do find yourself staying in Dallas or Austin you have nothing to worry about because Middlelands has a shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you off at various hotels around Texas. Dallas and Austin are both about 4 hours away, putting you back $50 each way. The shuttle service will also do an airport pick up as well as spots in Houston and The Woodlands. These trips are about $15 each way. You can find more information at: https://www.sharethebus.com/events/middlelands

Gather your squad and load up the car! If you want to make the most out of your mini vacation by adding a road trip, Todd Mission is about a 15-hour drive (give or take) from Denver. This is also the perfect way to get all your camping gear down South and gives you a chance to have an extra adventure! 

Have an RV? Have a tent? Have your DJ gear? There are various camping options to choose from at Middlelands including Sound Camps, located near the after hour parties. Bring your own sound system and keep the celebration going all night. Middlelands also has you covered if you don’t have your own tent.  The festival offers premier glamping options in the form of  cabins, dome style tents, and luxury tour buses so you can sleep like a King…or Queen.  If glamping isn’t the life for you, there are a ton of hotel options in Houston and The Woodlands. 

Now that the basics are covered let’s talk activities. Middlelands will have 5 stages aptly named: Castle Northwoods, Middlelands Arena, The Stronghold, Trinity Vale, and the Wench’s Bay each looking more spectacular then the next so you can dance the night away and never miss a beat. If your favorite artist isn’t playing until later, there are many other activities to partake in! This festival is filled with rides, art structures (think Burning Man vibes), and street performers! The Texas Renaissance Fair Grounds are bicycle friendly and it is encouraged to get around on two wheels! Other amenities include hammocks, a yoga center, farmers market, a communal bonfire, and a butcher shop. All of which and more can be found in Conqueror’s Court.

If the lineup didn’t already make you want to go to Middlelands then the experience will definitely change your mind. Join the fun May 5-7. You can find more information as well as purchase tickets at middlelands.com

See you there!