It’s been while since we featured a dope collective here on the SIA blog, but it’s about time to shake off the dust and shine a light on a sqaud that is more than deserving of the attention. Over the last couple of weeks, the Hebinomichi (hee-bee-no-mee-chee) collective has been gradually working up to the release of the third volume of its compilation series which features tracks from an impressive list of Hebinomichi veterans and some fresh faces.

Founded by Denver’s own SteLouse and Detroit producer Ahh-Ooh, Hebinomichi, which means “serpent’s path,” has quietly been making the world suck a little less, one free track at a time. What started out as a platform to connect likeminded artists and release music —while skirting the usual music business BS—has grown into an impressive network of forward-thinking artists who dabble in genres like R&B, trap, future bass and everything in between. Hebinomichi now boasts a diverse roster of creators and collaborators, resulting in an expanding body of work that defies categories and speaks directly to the soul. As one would expect from a collective whose motto is “Be the Curve,” Hebinomichi is always on the move, exploring new sonic territory and putting music and artistry at the front of everything it does.

The full Volume 3 compilation was released on November 30.  You can download it and Volumes 1 and 2 from Bandcamp on a name your price basis, but, as always, we encourage you to cough up a few bucks to support great music. Stay up on the latest music and news by following Hebinomichi on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. Most of all, enjoy the music and spread the word!

Hebinomichi Roster:

SteLouse (co-founder)
Ahh-Ooh (co-founder)
Maxx Baer
Tasty Treat
Jia Lih
Polar Youth
Opal City

Collectively Speaking Underbar