One of the main goals of our new blog section, “Collectively Speaking,” is to shine a light on awesome collectives and niche record platforms that are doing their own thing (and doing it well), but that are also transcending and redefining the limits and expectations of music production. In an industry that is completely oversaturated with cheap pop hits and formulaic bangers, labels that put genuine, thoughtful production first are giving the electronic music world some hope that creativity and art are alive and well—if you know where to look.

Though it is a relatively quiet and reclusive group, one label that fits the mold of a limitless creative force is Moose Records, a brilliant boutique label stationed in the always forward-thinking city of Paris. Not alone in its admirable pursuits, Moose Records, alongside a swarm of French cohorts, are out to change the world’s conception of “deep” music.

Album Art from Moose Records. Image Source:

Album Art from Moose Records. Image Source:

Moose Records is home to an impressive roster of young, passionate artists who are not afraid of taking risks and breaking new ground. Thematically, the label and its individual pieces tend to delve into deep and dark sounds, resulting in productions that are as emotional as they are thought-provoking. Whether they are making an absurdly chill beat or a lush ambient serenade, the artists of Moose Records are experts at crafting songs that incorporate a wide range of emotions beyond a desire to party and uplifting anthems about love and friendship. Sadness, longing, loneliness, desire, sensuality, fear, bliss—all of these feelings are very welcome throughout the Moose repertoire, which is filled with a variety a tones and styles from intricate, downtempo hip-hop beats, loin-stirring RnB slow jams and haunting ambient soundscapes.

Launched in January of 2013, the label has been busy pumping out a number of eclectic compilations called Moosetapes, of which the eighth volume was dropped a couple months ago. In between compilations, solo releases are generally kept to short EPs or singles, staying in line with the apparent “quality over quantity” approach that has come to define the collective. In addition to the exceptional music coming from this group, each release is usually accompanied by equally stirring visual artwork, adding another dimension to the label’s impassioned ethos. Best of all, most, if not all, of the Moose Records library is available to listeners on a free/pay-what-you-want basis.


Album Art from Moose Records. Image Source:

Album Art from Moose Records. Image Source:

Check out the Moose Records artist roster below, and take some time getting to know this very unique group of musicians. Stay in touch with Moose Records by visiting its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud pages. You can listen to and download tunes from Moose on its website or Bandcamp page. We guarantee that those with a taste for the deeper side of electronic music will not be disappointed.

Artist Roster and Releases:


Julia Losfelt





Petit Biscuit





Dream Koala