If you’re looking for something to do on Halloween, you should seriously consider attending the epic party that the THE 1UP – COLFAX will be hosting. Vancouver’s remix wonder boy CYRIL HAHN will be headlining the night, spoon feeding your guilty pleasures with his slew of nationally acclaimed remixes, including his 2015 summer banger “Say My Name” by Beyonce remix. Cyril’s smooth and sophisticated style of house music was soon recognized by artists like THE XX and DIPLO, and his popularity has only sky rocketed since then.

AUTOGRAF, a Chicago based trio of artists who are giving the music thing a go, will also be adding to the evening’s epic ensemble. These guys are trying to rekindle the bridge between EDM and art, a reverence that the current mainstream generation is more or less shitting on. Autograf has coined the genre of Future House, and are known for their mellow, yet energizing sound.

Also sharing the stage will be SAN HOLO, an intergalactic master of everything from chilled out trap to future bass. This Jedi from the Netherlands is one of the leading beat makers for HEROIC RECORDINGS, and has swiftly risen in popularity since the debut of his “Cosmos” EP, which garnered enough attention to take him from 5,000 SoundCloud followers to 80,000 in only five months. San Holo is also known for his trapped out renditions of classic 90’s hip hop tracks.

Last and certainly not least is MIKE GAO, a wizard of audial production, underground hip hop, and technology in general. One of Los Angeles’ beat scene secrets, Gao is a beat battle champion and has developed software and apps for music production. His work has even been featured on WIRED twice (smart Asian guy, classic). Gao will definitely add some spice and variety to the lineup’s already stellar bill, so if you plan on attending the show (I mean, why would you not?), make sure you arrive in a prompt manner so you don’t miss any of the action.

Who: Cyris Hahn, Autograf, San Holo, Mike Gao

Where: The 1up Colfax

When: Saturday, October 21

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