We are so excited for our buddy DYLAN OWEN and the premiere of his new Music Video “THE BEST FEARS OF OUR LIVES.” A very sincere and moving theme, matched by top notch cinematography, makes this video a pillar in the young artists career. The writing and performance is substantial for anyone, let alone a twenty two year old. What a joy it is to see younger people being open and honest in a society that tends to condemn vulnerability.  Check out the video, let the words sink in, and don’t be afraid to face your fears! (Directed by Brian Petchers)

Also check out the official promo video for Dylan’s new album THERE’S MORE TO LIFE.

“I don’t think it’s possible to write a memoir at twenty two. if it was, this would be mine. this video was inspired by all of the vignettes and moments on There’s More To Life, which comes out June 8th. I wrote this poem and we made this video to capture what the album means to me: when it’s 2am and you feel infinite and nothing matters in the best way, when you run with your friends through tunnels under the highway, when you fall in love and fail in love and keep going, when you start to feel your childhood as something far away and distant for the first time…but there is more to life than this.”

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