A good mix can be a fun collection of popular tracks that makes you remember why you liked the music in the first place, but a great mix is one that shows you the music in a new light, and coaxes something new out of each track. That is what Adam Snow has done with Still Sippin’. 

The american producer is a quickly rising star of the blossoming world of futurebass and electronic Hip Hop/R&B and has been catching the attention of some big names. His first original single release, “God” caught the attention of rapper Tayyib Ali, and lead to Snow producing two of Tayyib’s singles, “WTF” and “Til I Die” – both of which earned mainstream attention for both the rapper and the producer. In a different genre,Snow’s bootleg remix of “Venice” by Lighthouse and the Whaler peaked the interest of the band, and was featured on their official remix EP.

But Still Sippin’ is a step forward for Adam Snow in the best kind of way. His unique perspective on the songs utilized in the mix lends itself to a blend of music that brings bring out the best in each track while adding a tone and complexity that is uniquely his. The product is a gem that flows seamlessly from start to finish – taking familiar tunes and reintroducing them with an element of haunting depth and clarity.

The mix starts out with an unreleased screw of Plannintorock’s “The Breaks“, slowed down to unleash a tantalizingly lethargic groove that rolls into Lil’ Silva’s “The 3rd” punctuated by vocals from Schoolboy Q’s “Gravy“. From there, the journey cascades in and out of tracks like Tinashe’s “Vulnerable”, The Weeknd Remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Or Nah” [Adam Snow Screw] and a Late Night, future-bass edit of Justin Bieber’s “Hold Tight”.

Still Sippin’ will be released as an official Jiberish mix – the same channel that launched the careers of national favorites like Djemba Djemba and Odesza. The support of curators like Jiberish and as well as artists like Tayyib Ali and Lighthouse and the Whaler has us very excited to watch for what’s next on the horizon for Adam!

still sippin