Tuesdays are always a great day to get down on some fresh beats and today we’re super excited to reveal to you the newest EP from our boys Proper Motion titled ‘Hopeless Thug’. This EP features one original track and one remix of ‘Seven Bridges Road’ by the Eagles, and maintains the groovy melodic glitch feel the duo is know for.

The first track on the EP, ‘Hopeless Thug’, has a smooth glitch feel that invokes a chill vibe that borders on the funky side at times – easily one of those songs that you’ll be putting on repeat. The duo’s ‘Seven Bridges Road’ remix moves at a faster pace with all the tasty baselines you would expect from Proper Motion, that being said it takes the original song and reworks it to the standards that any Eagles fan would have to approve of.

Bottom line, this EP has it going on! And you can download this bundle of grooves right HERE.