Souls In Action family members Milky.WAV  & will be holding it down next month at The Ogden Theatre alongside The White Panda. This is going to be on prime night of EDM, and having not one but two of our own there to provide support for such a critically acclaimed headliner is quite the honor.

If you love tasteful mash ups and deep, progressive house music, you won’t want to miss the unique and very high energy experience that is The White Panda. In addition to this digital-panda mask wearing duo, Milky.WAV and will be adding some musical spice and variety to the evening. Both have solid arsenals of future R&B tracks, but Milky.WAV provides the “trap” flare, while is known for her skills as a DJ and her modern yet nostalgic essence.

If you’re in Denver and you like to dance, be at the The Ogden Theatre on Friday, October 2nd. Early bird tickets are only $20, so grab your before they run out! Follow this link to the ticket page, or enter our giveaway below! Hope to see you there!
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