By: Teresa Peterson

Don’t be distressed if you woke up to snow this morning. Things should dry up by the time this year’s epic Snowball Music Festival begins. Be aware though, you will likely face traffic on your journey. There will be delays on major highways due to weather, seasonal rock scaling, roadwork, and happy folks traveling to the city for music and baseball. If you want to catch your favorite opening shows and you’re coming from anywhere outside of Denver it’s a good idea to leave early.

Check the Roads
The Colorado Department of Transportation has us covered when it comes to knowing what to expect on the roads this weekend. Visit the COTrip website for road conditions, closures, scheduled roadwork, and pretty much any information you might need to plan a safe drive to and from this weekend’s events. You can even select the exact highway you’re traveling on and view live photo updates.

Don’t Get a DUI: Reminders about Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws
Marijuana. It’s part of getting wild and relaxation but it’s not a good idea to make it part of your drive. Legal weed is exciting but remember that “inappropriately” using marijuana in the eyes of law enforcement has similar consequences to driving under the influence of alcohol. You’re probably not traveling with an open container in your car, and you’re probably not throwing your favorite Edward 40 hands impersonation at the red light so keep your marijuana usage discreet and out of the vehicle as well. Smoking and driving, like drinking and driving is a recipe for a nasty DUI (5 nanograms or more of THC + your blood = 1 DUI).

Also, keep in mind that it is NOT legal to smoke in public. And if you get caught you can be smacked across the face with a $100 dollar fine. If you want more details on these laws, Rooster Magazine provides a great summary of the Colorado marijuana laws in their April THC Classic issue. It can be found all across Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins in the big red Rooster bins.

We’d like to think this goes without saying but it doesn’t. Please don’t drink and drive. We love you and want to see you this weekend and many future weekends. If you need a ride call a taxi, ride the light rail, or you could even catch an RTD bus. Whatever you do remember that there are many transportation options to keep you safe and get you where you need to go to rest your head. Check out the website’s “Getting Here” section for a complete list of transportation resources.

Our Expectations from the Weather and Recommended Gear
According to the Weather Channel website, Denver will be free of rain and snow all weekend but it’s going to be a little chilly. Friday will be mostly sunny with a high of 55 and a low of 30. Saturday’s forecast is cloudy with a high of 57 and a low of 34 and Sunday will again be partly cloudy with a high of 53 and a low of 31. Keep in mind though; we are in Colorado, so April showers bring snow, rain, floods, tornadoes, and epic sunshine. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the weather here, so let’s take some much needed advice on how to stay warm provided to us by the folks at

  • Wear layers, lots of layers: Multiple layers will keep your body insulated and let you adjust to the fluctuating weather during the day and night. Take em’ off and put em’ on. You’ll be glad you have options.
  • Keep your feet dry: Winter boots and good socks will do the trick. Remember that cotton tends to get wet and stay wet so aim for wool or synthetic socks.
  • Hats and gloves: Your extremities (toes and fingers) are super vulnerable to the cold. Now that you have your toes covered by the good boots and socks don’t forget to wear some gloves! Be sure to also cover your dome, especially outside on a cold Colorado night.

Fear not! If for some reason you forget your gear there will be gloves and beanies for sale at the Snowball merch booth.

More on What to Wear from Souls in Action contributor, Victoria Newnham.