Global Dance Festival: Day 2 Review

Well it’s time for our recap of Day 2 of Global Dance Festival, so let’s jump right in!

When I arrived on Day 2, I immediately went to the NRG Stage to catch Vinnie Maniscalco‘s set. I only caught the last 15-20 minutes of is set, but when I arrived he seemed to have control of the crowd. Vinnie‘s set was energetic and full of new material.

After Vinnie‘s set I headed down to the main stage and caught the last 5-10 minutes of Ecotek‘s set. Didn’t see enough of it to fully review, but the crowd was responding well when I arrived.

Borgeous took the stage after Ecotek. His set was pretty standard ‘EDM’ fair, however two moments stuck out for me: the remix he played of The White Stripes‘ “Seven Nation Army,” which sent the crowd into a frenzy; when he played “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by the Eurythmics, and he cut out the audio while the crowd chanted along too the chorus, it was pretty magical. Overall, Borgeous‘ set was the perfect transition into Alvin Risk.

As far as crowd response goes, Alvin Risk takes the win for the evening. He set The Rocks on fire and definitely brought a ton of energy with his set. I was impressed.

Following Alvin Risk was Andy C and his MC Armanni Reign. I’ve been wanting to see Andy C for a long time now, but have always missed him whenever he was in town, and let me tell you, he did not let me down! Personally, I thought it was the set of the night–it was hands down my favorite set of Day 2. Now, I’m hedging by saying he was my personal favorite set of the day because he had an MC. I’m a huge DnB fan and I love a good MC. I think that a good MC can make an okay DnB set great, and a great set phenomenal! However, I know a lot of people don’t share my opinion on MC’s, especially if they’re not hardcore DnB fans to begin with.  That being said, I thought Armanni Reign did a fantastic job MC’ing, and Andy C‘s set was awesome! At one point, Andy C raised his hand holding a 12″, I’m not certain if he was spinning straight vinyl, or mixed media, but regardless it’s always nice to see someone incorporating vinyl into their sets, in a day and age where it’s increasingly becoming more and more scarce.

Keep your eyes pealed for our coverage of Day 3 of Global Dance Festival tomorrow! If you happened to miss our coverage of Day 1 you can check it out HERE.