Global Dance Festival: Day 3 Review

Well it’s time for our recap of Day 3 of Global Dance Festival.

I arrived during Oliver Heldens‘ set. He played deep and had great track selection. I really enjoyed his set. Unfortunately there weren’t a ton of people in attendance early enough to enjoy it most of it.

Following Oliver Heldens was Tchami, the mysterious Parisian. Tchami was on my list of must see artists at this year’s Global; along with Kygo and Kastle–unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch Kastle. If you read my recap of Day 1 you’re aware that wasn’t blown away by Kygo–I did enjoy it–and since I missed Kastle, I was hoping Tchami would live up to the hype I had for him. Well, let me tell you, he not only lived up to my expectations for him, he blew them away!! Not only did Tchami play the best set of Day 3, in my opinion, he played the best set of the whole festival!! He controlled the crowd like a true veteran, and by the end of his set he had the whole crowd in a frenzy! I loved his whole set, but the highlights for me–besides his whole set of course–and for crowd reaction, were the two MK tracks he played (The MK Medicine Dub of Shadow Child‘s “Friday” featuring Takura, and MK‘s, now iconic, remix of Strom Queen‘s “Look Right Through”), and Tchami‘s remix of Martin Garrix‘s “Wizard.” If you ever have the chance to see Tchami, DO IT!!! No excuses!

Following Tchami was Madeon. By the time Madeon took the stage, Red Rocks was pretty filled in. Madeon played a really fun and energetic set, and as far as crowd response goes, played the set that seemed to resonate with them the most. Everyone was dancing, singing along, and just having a great time! The highlights of Madeon’s set were when the entire crowd chanted along to the bassline of “Seven Nation Army,” by The White Stripes, which resonated with Red Rocks and frankly was pretty awesome, and when he played his remix of Deadmau5‘s “Raise Your Weapon,” which everyone sang along to, hands in the air, it was a real special moment.

After Madeon was Wolfgang Gartner. Honestly, I felt that Wolfgang‘s set lost a lot of the energy that Tchami and Madeon had built up. I don’t know if it was that the crowd was just worn out from Tchami and Madeon, or if he was just straight up out played. I wasn’t impressed by his set; however, I will say that the gaggle of costumed dancers that took the stage when he came on were pretty cool–I would have to say that the dancers were the highlight of Wolfgang‘s set.

Unfortunately I had to leave before Zedd.

Well, that wraps up our coverage of Global Dance Festival 2014. See you all at Global next year!

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