Killer Mike has done something unprecedented…again. Mike has breathed new life into his 2011 solo banger “Ric Flair”, with a super ill new video that reminds us all that he’s always been a title holder. This is Pre-El-P production, and it’s so dope it’s not remixed or anything like, “You didn’t know I was the shit 5 years ago?!” Mike struts through the city embodying his older persona Mike Bigga with a 2015 “I told ya’ll” flair. And, hell yes there is plenty of the Nature Boy- Ric Flair’s timeless quotes backing up Killa Mikes’s Heavyweight Championship raps.

This track originally appeared on PL3DGE, Mike’s fifth studio album, released May 17, 2011. These out of print CD’s are going for $25 on Discogs or you can get the MP3 version at Amazon. Remember, to be the man you gotta beat the man, and there is no other possible way to end this write up than WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!