What would it sound like if you locked Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Flying Lotus, and Trent Rezner in a studio and had them see who could drink the most codeine? My money’s on Reznor by the way, but the music that came out of it may resemble that of Saint Louis Producer/Artist Centipede. 

Centipede has just released his Sophomore project the Reflection EP on Farfetched Records, which is also a birthday present to his late father. It’s soulful and eclectic, classic yet progressive, and for a new twist he drops a jazzy verse on the last track along with fellow Saint Louis rhymer MIR. Centipede’s art is one of those things you just have to hear about for yourself, so we got in touch with him to talk about it. Exclusively for Souls In Action…



How would you say Reflection differs from your first Farfetched release LuvSoundz?

I’d have to say the motivation behind it. Luvsounz came from a point in time where I was listening to nothing but love songs, and just daydreaming about old high school crushes and shit. That, and wondering why people don’t really make love songs as much these days. Reflection is much more personal. I’ve been hearing for years that the average age of a black man in this day and age is 25. May 12th, the day I put this out, was my 26thbirthday, and also would’ve been my father’s 49th. . So this tape became less of a celebration of my birthday, but more of a dedication to him, because he didn’t really get to see me grow up.

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What does your live show consist of? What equipment do you use in that? 


I try to keep it random, but cohesive at the same time, and I usually like to add in a track or two from some friends and/or my heroes, to keep it a bit more interesting. I use this weird little box called an sp-404sx. It’s got a lot of flashing buttons and knobs and numbers, so at first glance it almost like a bomb controller. I’m actually surprised I haven’t been thrown out of any buses, or cafe’s or wherever I pull this thing out at.


Farfetched is a myriad of diversity. What’s it like being part of that?


That’s the family. I love every minute with them. Trying to get to know, and also trying to collaborate with, everybody in Farfetched has really been teaching me to break down my musical boundaries. There’s nothing but freedom here, and this city’s scene really needs that.


Besides your own, what are some of your favorite albums out right now?


My friends Con(of MME) and Michael Franco just dropped an EP the same day I dropped Reflection. It’s called She-Ep, and it is beyond amazing. As far as non St. Louis stuff, I’m bumping Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, Mndsgn’s Yawnzen(It’s been out for a minute, but I play it religiously), and Phedee’s I B Chillin Duu. Give all of them your money.

What’s next?

I trying to re-release Luvsounz. Give it a proper cd release, with some remixes and whatever. Other than that, it’s hard to say. I’ve been working with my homie Abnormal(also of Farfetched) a lot, I’ve got some tracks that I’m producing for other Farfetched members as well. As far as my next project, I think it’s safe to say that I’m done making feel good music. For the time being, anyways.


I wouldn’t say there is a method to Centipede’s madness as much as there is a science to his serenity. Check him out on the links below.

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