A brand new communication has been received from Jonathan Toth from Hoth – the rebel data disc, which contains the stolen download to the epic DEATH OF THE EMPIRE saga. Follow J-Toth and his fellow Hothlings through this highly stylized concept album portraying how they defeated the Empire – interestingly enough, it’s strikingly similar to the struggles of modern Earthlings.


j toth rebel data


With Ace Ha’s futuristic boom bap funk on production, enriching guitar & bass work by John Maxfield, and DJ Innovation murking everything in sight – this album is sonically amazing and keeps the midi-chlorian levels buzzing through out.

J-Toth raps, sings, and harmonizes his way through a 15 track tale of oppression, redemption, and edgy space debauchery reminiscent of his Deltron-esqe 02′ debut album  Brainwashing: The Art Of Hip Hopera, but several light years ahead.

Being one of the most intricate, yet simultaneously diverse people I’ve ever known of, Jonathan plays several characters on the album, and performs as each one. It’s insane the level of artistry that goes into his projects, not to mention he mixes and masters it all to a polished perfection.

You might find the album on disc in stores, but it will be up front with the cashier (and free).
You might find the album in movie theaters playing Star Wars, but it will be from the hands of a Jedi.
You will find the rebel data download on bandcamp.


Many men died to get you this information…you’ve never heard anything like this

j toth death empire song list


The Future Is Now Official Video above