Chicago’s funkiest production duo “The Hood Internet,” have long been one of my go-to’s when I’m looking for a hot remix or insane mash up. As producers, The Hood Internet ( ABX and  STV SLV), have worked with Chi-town Hip-Hop band BBU, Das Racist and Sims (Doomtree) among others. Beyond that, they have come to specialize in the creating magic out of mixing Hip-Hop with indie rock and funk. See “I Don’t Fuck With Classics (Big Sean x The Knocks)” above, and there is so much more where that came from. One of my favorite games is going to their website and entering any artist you can think of into the search and see what comes up. Can some critical thinker out there convert this into a drinking game and send me rules? Please.  >

While putting out music for NY’s Decon records, ABX and STV gained notoriety from releasing music directly onto their own website- which is packed with downloadable remix goodness and they are now on Vol. 8 of their mixtape series. A Hood Internet mixtape is truly something to behold, each track is a mash-up of 2 or more artists, which is then mixed into the next, creating an orgy of rap-rock, bi-audio crazyness that keeps dancefloors packed and may cause us all to time travel at some point, I’m not sure. I’m concerned about the time-space continuum. You’ve been warned. They even made me not hate R.Kelly for 2 1/2 minutes.