If you enjoy getting trampled by Black Friday shoppers, waiting in long lines, and shopping in overcrowded franchise department stores, then the DENVER HOLIDAY FLEA is not for you. This is an event that promotes community, creativity, and support for local business. In a contemporary setting, this seasonal marketplace will be hosting over 150 local vendors with all kinds of knicks and knacks that will make your Holiday shopping a whole lot easier and more personal. Not only will New Belgium Brewing be providing some crisp craft beers, there will also be an assortment of delicious signature Flea cocktails for your enjoyment. Entry on Saturday and Sunday is only $5, but if you want to get in early on the action and have first dibs on all of the amazing gift options, feel free to purchase tickets for Thursday and Friday right HERE. Some of these perks include valet parking, gift wrapping, and free drink tickets! Avoid the hassle of the malls and the usual Christmas chaos, and come to the Holiday Flea where actual joy will be in the air. If you need any extra encouragement, simply take a look at the totally stacked list of unique and talented VENDORS.  There will also be live entertainment  as you shop, drink, and mingle. Hope you can make it to at least a night of this wonderful event and get your Flea’k on! Happy Holidays, ya’ll.