Tomorrow is the big night! The anticipation for the Red Bull Sound Select, feat. araabMUZIK, Basecamp, and Catch Lungs has reached an oxygen-depleted high, and the build up has been nothing short of emotional. What was originally an excitement and eagerness to bring one of hip hop’s most promising young guns, Jay Prince, to Denver, quickly plummeted and gave way to disappointment when he was forced to cancel due to visa issues. But alas, it wasn’t long until the rollercoaster of emotions rocketed us back up into the sky, with the announcement that araabMUZIK would be filling in. With the announcement came a whole new level of excitement, and the rollercoaster has been steadily climbing since. Tomorrow night, when Catch Lungs takes the stage, the peak will be in sight. Expect a performance unlike your every day hip hop show, as Catch is not your every day rapper. The man can spit, for sure, but he is also no stranger to actual good ol’ singing, and can pluck a string or two on the guitar as well. With this being his first performance as an official Sound Select artist, expect this local badass to have a few tricks up his sleeve. As the first car slowly begins to peel over the crest, Basecamp will be taking the stage. The live electronic trio from Nashville will be playing Denver for the first time, and are very excited about it. Their sound can vary from deep and chill to melodic and uplifting, and will no doubt be an appropriate segue to the main attraction. By the time araabMUZIK makes his appearance, the teetering ‘coaster will be ready to plunge into full-on party mode, as the “MVP of the MPC” has built quite a reputation for going hyphy. Tomorrow will not be just another araabMUZIK show either, as he has specific, special plans to play brand new music, never before heard live. Araab’s live sets have garnered him many fans throughout the globe and gained notoriety amongst both the hip hop and electronic crowds, as his skill and speed on the MPC (Music Production Center, essentially a live drum machine with built in production software) is unmatched. He has been featured in commercials from Under Armour to Adidas, and has worked with artists from Ludacris to SkrillexIBGM is his latest track, which was ghost-released just a few days ago. It’s an intense, bass-thumping collaboration with Orlando-based duo DVNK SINATV, that is a prelude to his upcoming full-length album, to be released later this year. We are super excited to hear this track live, most-likely along with more never-before heard music, and flattered and honored that he is choosing Denver as the place to premier it. Although we can’t say we’re shocked…after all, we do have the best scene in the country 🙂 With all of that said, this is obviously a night you don’t want to miss out on, so make sure that you RSVP at if you haven’t already. It is completely free to RSVP, only takes a minute, and guarantees $3 entry at the door ($10 without). And if you’re going to HARD Red Rocks, this will be the perfect after party (although RSVP does not guarantee entry- it will be first-come first-serve), so feel free to close out the night with us. RSVP araabMUZIK’s Newest Track: a Rafflecopter giveaway 11750711_10153160151099794_7522191181769239978_n Hot-Off-The-Press