krooked driver

Following up on last September’s release of Finding The Way, one of Denver’s hottest musical commodities, Krooked Drivers, is back with yet another superb EP,  out now on Super Best Records. Still Life marks the beginning of a new chapter for the duo, as the EP solidifies their ability to create wonderfully impassioned beats pretty much from scratch. While still easily classified as electro-soul, Still Life is fairly light on the samples, focusing instead on detailed production, instrumentation, lyricism, and their always impressive synth work. The EP is dripping with originality and creativity and is filled with life and emotion; care and attention to detail is evident is each track. Vibe-wise the EP is—somber isn’t the right word—deep and emotive with each track stirring up some feelings. Snag a copy ASAP, but for the love of free tunes, please contribute to great local music!

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