By: Makaela Bamonti

At first listen to Spectacle, I was entranced. Their use of violin, melodica and percussion and the ways they blend them together with vigor and gentleness, intertwined with tribal percussion influences and bass lines, brings an energy to their music that is surely felt. It was truly a journey to feel their music and take it apart and piece it back together to learn how they’ve come so far and search into the future with hope for what’s ahead. Today they have dropped their newest single “Edges & Arrows” available for stream and digital download package.  We caught up with the trio to find out more about their writing process and more.

It’s no question that your sound is infectious. Tell me a little more about the Spectacle journey and how you three have made it so far as a trio in just two years?

One thing that has helped the three of us is how different our personalities are; we blend well together. You have Michael who is the creator, Jess who is very driven, and Rob who is all about the rhythm. Our differences help us vibe and find that drive together. 

Souls In Action awarded you Denver’s Best of 2015 “Most Unique Artist” and it shows, having almost all of your Denver show’s sold out from the past year! How do you guys stay inspired and fresh in such a competitive, hyperactive, progressive music scene?

Trying to write something that is different but still relatable at the same time – that is the true way to be competitive. We give ourselves time to relax and days off, as to not get burnt out. People tend to go, go, go and they just don’t ever stop. Sometimes you need to stand back, analyze what you’ve done and how you can make it better, and how you can improve your sound as a whole. We are constantly listening to other artists, and fans that have good constructive criticism and  and use that criticism to morph our sound alongside our own ideas. We try and take a lot of sounds and melodies that we, as listeners, like and then apply it to our live show.

Your new single, Edges & Arrows, takes the listener on a musical trip, each new sound and integration of instruments brought several different emotions to the surface for me. Tell me about the creation of this lush melodic groove?

We started writing the song after performing Arise Music Festival last summer. Arise inspired us because our music had felt like it was at a plateau, and at that point, we felt that we were lacking in original material. After the festival, we felt inspired to write an original song in the downtempo genre and incorporate soothing exotic sounds that we achieved with Rob Brandons Melodica. The song was rewritten and perfected throughout 6 months of live performances. Edges & Arrows brings an emotional comfort for us – it just feels good. In our songwriting process, we write the song, we learn the song, and then we feel the song out through performing – it’s always a waiting game and being patient with it until the song feels ready. It combines all the live instruments we wanted it to. We feel it’s a unique twist compared to other new releases in the Denver EDM scene. 

What inspires all of these different sounds to so effortlessly blend together? [in Edges & Arrows]

We took a chance on how unique the instrumentation was. Live percussion is a little more distinctive and it just works. It felt like fate, and it ended up the way it was supposed to. We have gone through so many steps in the last two years to perfect the instrumentation of our sound that it finally feels like we’ve somewhat found it in this single. 

What is a day like in the studio for Spectacle? Any rituals, routines, or must-haves?

Definitely being relaxed, and having a positive attitude going into the recording studio and making sure that we are on the same page. Must-haves are simply food and caffeine – we need that fuel! But really it is just about getting ourselves prepared to go into a show or a recording room, and that takes a lot of mental power. Sometimes you don’t feel good and you still have to perform, but it’s all mind games and if you put your mind to it, you make it happen. 

How has the response from your fans affected your music, or the evolution of your music?

There’s only so much of responses towards our music that we can take to heart. Sometimes it’s like “Wow, someone really feels like that about our music”, but we can’t change something on the drop of a dime because someone doesn’t like something, or because someone really loves it… At the end of the day, it’s important to us to stay true to what we care about. We are walking this fine line of what we really care about but also fine tuning it to what is popular and what our fans like. We can make a more simple drumbeat or chord progression to cater to the listeners and what sounds good to them, but not feel like we are essentially selling out. You can only take so much of what someone has to say about your music, and you really gotta write the music for yourself first. Art is selfish in a way, but music is a little different than other art – you want to write music that you like, but you want to write music that your audience likes, too. It’s a constant battle, but that is what makes it fun! And when you get it right, that is what makes it feel really, really good, and usually that happens when you stick to your roots.

What’s next for you three? Any summer festivals in the works that we can look forward to?

We’ve been direct support and openers a lot so we really look forward to headlining our own show in the near future. We are planning to do an EP release in May with this headlining show… Keep an eye out for that announcement!  But as of right now, our next show is at Cervantes’  on May 6th with Skydeyed & Lucid Vision


$4.99 Digital download package includes:

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