Reflection by, Dele Johnson
It was a harvest of the Halloween variety for the In Action team who spent an unseasonably warm Saturday in late October volunteering at Moon Dog Farm, a local urban farm on the outer edge of the ever-growing Denver skyline. Despite it being Halloween weekend our souls weren’t too spooked to lend a helping hand to local farmers Stephanie Turco and Nick Gruber, who manage Moon Dog Farm. Our task was to help “put the farm to bed” for the winter by pulling up the already harvested plants for composting, and help break down a moderately sized hoop house on site. The team also helped with the final harvest of the farm’s tomato, tomatillo, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, and kale plants, which seemed to take the cake as the overall favorite activity. Three hours at the farm felt like ten minutes, but when all was said and done the In Action team had a successful volunteer day. Walking away with a stronger sense of community after donating our time to local farmers with good friends and a bag of freshly picked vegetables to sweeten the deal!