In Action: SIA Field Day with New Day In-Home Support and Respite

On Friday, June 3rd the Souls In Action collective teamed up with New Day In-Home Support and Respite Services for our first In-Action day of 2016, “The New Day Field Day”. New Day is a wonderful local agency that is dedicated to providing quality services to the citizens of our community with Special Needs and whose commitment is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, or ability.

SIA friend, and New Day employee, Kelci Newlin brought the idea to the Souls “In-Action” team to collaborate and plan an epic day at Washington Park with members of the New Day Explorer Community Access Program. Taken from New Day’s website: “The Explorer Program is a community access program offered through New Day. The Explorers focus on individual goals through community based activities and educational outings. Their main focus is on independence in every facet of life through cooking, social skills, money management and arts/crafts class. We also have excursions to museums, sporting events, recreational centers, public parks, state parks, concerts and art galleries. The Explorer Program encompasses every aspect of Independent living all while having an enormous amount of fun!”.  


About twenty or so SIA “In-Action” team members showed up at Washington Park on June 3rd to set up chairs, easy ups, water balloon launchers, musical instruments, arts and crafts, costumes, big smiles, positive mental attitudes, and anything you can think of that ensures a perfect summer day at the park.

The excitement of getting together to give back and dedicate time to making an impact on the lives of the Explorers was present from the start of the morning. Four stations were set up in the park including an arts and crafts table for painting, a music class hosted by a member of the Souls In Action artist collective Jilly FM, a funky photo shoot, and a water balloon launch that led to a lot of laughs. 


When the members of the New Day Explorers arrived to Washington Park, the laughter, energy, and smiles were contagious. Teams of 4 Explorers rotated through each station and interacted with SIA members for some serious fun. The water balloon launch was a major hit. At the music station the music class led by Jilly FM, Povi Tamu, and John AKA Kid Astronaut. There were plenty of instruments to choose from and everyone joined together in singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” setting a relaxed vibe for the day.

Watching the Explorers smile and enjoy themselves was the best part of this day for everyone on the Souls “In-Action” team. Dele Johnson, a member of the “In-Action” team reflects on his experience:

“I had such an amazing time being a part of the Souls In Action Action Day with New Day’s Explorers Program. It’s beyond words the joy it brings me to see a diverse group of people come together for something so special. It was a group of human beings that reflects so many different shapes, sizes, and abilities sharing a positive human experience without fear of judgement or discrimination and just have FUN!”


Being able to watch a team of dedicated, passionate, loving, and friendly people interact with the Explorers was heart warming. Each moment and interaction felt meaningful, supportive, and kind. Our hope for our Souls “In-Action” team is to be able to continue impacting the community in a positive way through outreach and service. Taking the time to get together to do something for such a beautiful group of people gave us all something to reflect back on with how lucky we are to have the ability to make a difference for others.

Kael Butterfield, a Souls “In-Action” team member, stated:

“This is the same feeling I get when I’m at Red Rocks”; the perfect summation for a group of Colorado based musicians and music lovers giving their time and energy to a cause beyond music. The Explorers let us into their hearts and we certainly let them into ours and this is the start of a wonderful partnership. A big part of this day was the time each person took to connect and be totally present in the moment. We all took a group picture after we passed out our T-Shirts (hope you are still wearing yours, Jim!) and said not goodbye but “see you next time” as we look forward to our next In-Action day!”



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