As I sit and write this in the comfort of a safe warm home, it’s both sad and humbling to think about some of the events happening on the other side of the world. It isn’t pleasant to hear or read about, but it’s very real – and it’s something we need to address and bring awareness to. Thoughts and prayers are cool and all, but what the world is in need of is more ACTION. Two Colorado natives, lifelong friends, and recent graduates from Durango, CO are currently spending their post college freedom in Lesvos, Greece assisting syrian refugees traveling by boats in the thousands. In only the first month of 2016, Lesvos stands to be the greatest gateway into Europe since the second World War.  Julie Nass and Jenna Mulligan  were able to raise and surpass their goal of $3,000 to help finance their volunteer journey to Greece in less than two months. They left the country on January 13th and have been sharing updates when they can.

Yesterday the boats started coming into the harbor along with the sunrise. A little Syrian boy holds up one of his hand to Julia, and with his other hand he knocks his fingers back and forth, limp and pliable. He performs it like a magic trick, or like the double-jointed person who shows off their contortions at a party. The little boy’s Dad explains that he lost the use of this hand due to a bomb that went off beside him.”

If you feel moved by this cause, please feel free to share their story and help bring light to this heartbreaking current event. Details of their mission can be read on their feature in DURANGO HERALD and you can read personal updates from the girls on their BLOG.

Feeling inspired to TAKE ACTION yourself? Well, you don’t have to pack up and travel overseas – but you can make a donation of any amount to their FUNDRAISER providing Jules and Jenna with the monetary comfort they need as they sacrifice their time and safety to help those who are far less fortunate, and possibly help extend the duration of their trip.


Take a look at STARFISH VOLUNTEERS if you’re interested in making a difference and volunteering abroad.

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