Frankie Cosmos a.k.a Greta Simone Kline has that unmistakable kind of sound that teeters between twee pop and poetry. At only 21 years old, Kline’s youthful glow gleams in every song.

Her new EP, Fit Me In, is no exception. Young is the standout track and serves as an ode to frivolity. “With this I’m scraping by, at least it’s cute that I tried” she aimlessly croons. Sand stands out because it’s the kind of song that easily could turn into a full-on ballad. Yet, it ends after only 49 seconds. It’s easy to write that off as a tease but it is exactly what makes Frankie Comsos so enigmatic. She could have easily stretched it out but chose to keep it crisp instead . A complete thought only takes that long she might reason. It’s as if these are her diary entries and she’s ending them abruptly just because she feels like it.

The whole EP is that way. It serves as seemingly unfinished thoughts lumped together in a whimsical eight minutes. Frankie Cosmos is clearly off the cuff and has that kind of soft sweet voice that makes every weird thing she sings about somehow okay. “I wanna kiss your stupid thumb, ’cause I love when the days are long, I notice more of everything. ” As absurd as this sounds, Kline passes it off as an innocent lyric. And she can get away with it.

Check out the EP here.

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