Once in a while, you have to reach into the time vault for some indie daze. Because nostalgia is one of the pillars of indie daze, right? Alvvays is always worth reintroducing.

Equal parts jangle pop and indie rock, the Canadian group mix nostalgia with melancholic lyrics and somehow keep it upbeat all the while. A mainstay in most of my playlists is “Adult Diversion”. It belongs as the background to an apartment party just as much as it belongs cranked up to 11 for a road trip. The pre-chorus says it all: “One more cocktail / Is it a good time? / Or is it highly inappropriate?” It’s all about adult life without the consequences.

“Archie, Marry Me”  is an instant classic off of last year’s debut album. Molly Rankin, the soft crooning lead singer, perfectly combines wistfulness with tranquility. It’s that kind of simple yet bittersweet sound that makes Alvvays so enthralling. And if their 2014 debut album is any indication, Alvvays will surely continue their ascent.

The best part of Alvvays is their consistency. You could add these two tracks to one of your playlists and listen to them off and on this fall while you await new material next year. But, they have a kind of staying power that is extremely rare these days. The album as a whole is incredibly catchy and easy to listen to.

So go ahead and listen through the album a couple of times and sing along to the sweet sweet melodies. And, of course, thank yourself for reaching into the time vault for some indie daze.

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