This continent-hopping high-conscious flowing rap artist and producer just yesterday released the official music video (watch here) for his most recent LP “Not One Thing.” In this colorful and hilarious production, West Coast based Lafa Taylor lays down a simple message – don’t label me. Don’t make assumptions or expect me to be this or that. “Don’t box me in, I am not one thing.” The lyrics are witty and relatable, full of truths and misconceptions regarding Lafa’s character. Sometimes he’s a vegan, sometimes he’s not. He hangs out with people from all different walks of life. He works hard, but isn’t perfect. “Might tell a lie, that’s an honest fact.”  You get the point…

The video is creative, refreshing, and void of so many common rap video stereotypes. In this video, Lafa takes on a handful of different characters (my personal favorite is the Steve Urkel persona) while dancing his way through a clubhouse of story telling props and shenanigans. Lafa’s flow and energy is epically complimented by an engaging beat and a bass line that has all the bells and whistles. As a co-producer of the video, it really goes to show how far Lafa Taylor’s range of creativity expands. This video was definitely worth the wait and its obvious that a lot of work and love went into the production and intention of it all. There aren’t too many players in the field of intelligent hip hop these days so be sure to help spread the word and the positivite message that Lafa Taylor has to share with “Not One Thing.”

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