Get excited Souls In Action! Band of Skulls is coming to town this Friday, May 16th! The UK rock group is playing a show at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Co. The trio are currently on a world tour and are making a stop here in Denver to entertain us for a night. The band is embodied by guitarist Russell Mardsen, bassist Emma Richardson, and drummer Matt Hayward. I had a chance to sit down with Emma today and ask her a few questions. Here is the scoop.

Halloo, halloo.

Hey there, is this Emma?

Yes, that’s me!

Pleasantries are exchanged and Emma asked me about my day. I told her we got blindsided by a late spring snow storm. Emma one-upped me and informed me they’d been dodging tornadoes in their tour bus all day long. +5 points to Emma.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! I don’t want to keep you so I will just jump into it. How did you you guys meet?

We met about ten years ago. I met them when I was at school in Southampton. Matt and Russell knew each other before I knew them, but we formed the band proper when I was about 17 or so.

Is there anything you guys do to prepare for the show? Anything that’s sort of just become second nature?

Ooooh, hmm, I suppose there’s a lot of pacing around in the green room. A lot of psyching myself up.

Do you still get anxious before a show?

Yea, there’s definitely a little bit of anxiety. Nothing too bad though.

What’s your rider look like? Anything we’d find amusing?

Hmmm, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing too entertaining. A couple of bottles of water, some whiskey, some food.

What whiskey do you drink.

Maker’s Mark. No question.

Cheers Emma, me too!

You’re releasing a new music video soon. Can you tell us a bit about Hoochie Coochie and what the video will be like?

Hahah! Ooooh, good question. I can’t say much. I believe we just posted a photo to our Facebook wall with a girls rear end or some such. I can say to stay tuned though.

Are there any stories of people you’ve met that have had a direct impact on the music?

Hmm, when we’re recording and we’re making music it’s mostly just the three of us, y’know? We have worked with some pretty incredible people especially with the new album. Getting in a new studio with our new producer Nick Launay was really something else. We recorded the new album at State of the Ark Studios in Richmond.

That’s right, you recorded the new album in a new studio because the old one was torn down right?

Well it was more of a rehearsal space, but essentially yes.

Can you describe your show from a visual standpoint for those us? And maybe describe how you view your music?

Well it’s mostly just the three of us on stage, but we do have a new lighting set-up which we’re really excited to play with.

What are some pet peeves you have with the music industry?

Hah! Wow, hmm, I think that would have to be a lot of these new bands and groups are making music and focusing solely on getting on the radio or getting on the billboards and what have you.

Do you guys have any other hobbies aside from your music?

Yes, actually I am a painter. I have a studio in Southampton that I try to spend as much time at as I can when I am home.

Did you have any dreams when you were younger that didn’t entail becoming famous? Or were you basically like, “No, No, No, I want to be a rockstar!”

Actually I wanted to be a painter when I was younger. I sort of just stumbled upon this by accident and it was nice to find something that really suited me and made me so excited.

Thanks very much for taking the time to chat with me, Emma. Any last thoughts?

Just that we’re on tour and we’d be thrilled if you came out to see us when we were near you!

Catch Band of Skulls at the Gothic Theater in Englewood this Friday, May 16th!