By: Mike Harris

Boulder-based DYNOHUNTER are a refreshing change of pace in the current landscape of electronic music. Their infectious sound has long been admired by fans and critics alike. Their most recent EP “Realize” has already begun racking up the plays despite its relative infancy. DYNOHUNTER’s unique ability to blend deep-house beats with live instrumentation has helped  set them apart from their contemporaries. I had a chance to catch up with the band before their set this weekend at the illustrious Cloak & Dagger festival.


What was the inspiration behind the new EP?
DYNOHUNTER: We’ve been really inspired by a lot of the underground house and techno scene over the past few years. From the old school soulful funky house stuff to a lot of the modern melodic techno and some minimal stuff too. Notable sets over the past few years that have really fueled my inspiration have been seeing Loco Dice, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex, Adam Beyer, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, to name just a few. These guys continually blow me away and kind of sent DYNOHUNTER on the path towards a more house and techno sound and also playing a continuous set, with DJ transitions as a band. I’ve also been really inspired by the stamina of the longer more patient sets from the big dogs and that never ending positive undertone and rhythm that is house music, that need for our own spirits to prevail against all odds! The Realize EP is the first EP from a pair of EPs we’ll be releasing this fall. These songs were picked from a bunch of unreleased material that we’ve been working on over the last year and a half and they represents the funkier/housier side of our new music. We worked really hard to incorporate the live instruments, sax and bass, into these tracks in a way that complemented and improved the electronic productions and added our signature dynohunter vibe, but didn’t take away from their dance music functionality. These two tracks were also some of the last tracks that our drummer Justin Ehmer who passed away after an almost 4 year battle with cancer last spring helped write. So these tracks have some extra meaning especially to me and Freddy. They are about staying positive despite whatever your going through, embracing adversity as a part of life and ‘realizing’ what it is in the bigger picture of life. 
The second EP we’ll be releasing this fall is entitled Callejero, and has a darker tribal techno feel. We really wanted to take the listener to a deeper darker and more raw place, something more primal and dirty, ‘on the hunt’ so to speak. The track Callejero was really influenced by a particular night in Detroit seeing Loco Dice and Richie Hawtin in the basement of the Detroit Masonic Temple for the Movement Closing Party. It was really dark and raw and real. We’ve always tried to find that balance of emotions in our sets and productions, taking the listener on an emotional ride and connecting with them through both the light and the dark vibes. Its that duality of life, the yin and the yang, the day and the night. We’ve been playing all these tracks out in our sets and have been getting a really good response, so we are super stoked to finally be getting them out there to you guys!
What continues to challenge you both in the studio and on stage?
DYNOHUNTER: I feel very at home on stage, its a real thrill, time seems to stop when we are on stage and it becomes like a meditation. However, sometimes distractions can get the better of you and throw off your concentration and disrupt the flow of the set.
Studio production for me is sometimes tougher, moments of inspiration can come and go, and i think when u finally get that spark you really have to run with it, and that’s of course the fun part, when the song really starts to flow out to you. Production is really limitless, Its a constant learning process, and progress can sometimes be slow and time consuming, followed by little breakthroughs. Its also a pretty magical process, breathing life into a composition, figuring out how to make a track really come alive, making those drums cook!
Do you feel like the Internet has helped music transfer boundaries?
DYNOHUNTER: Yes definitely, its democratized everything in a sense and made everything easier to access. I can easily check out whats going on all over the world whenever I want. For example on our ride out to California to play Joshua Tree Music Festival, we listened to an incredible set by Joris Voorn that was recorded just a few weeks ago at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, it really felt like we were there, crowd noise and all!  Of course its not quiet as great as being there, the full sensory experience, but it definitely allows you to check out whats going on all over the world in pretty vivd detail.  10245566_860617890621117_6180833196841436210_n 
 Do you feel like the setting you find yourself in effects the type of music you write?
DYNOHUNTER: Yes definitely, I’ve been inspired by the places i’ve visited and traveled too, seeing different cultures and feeling different energies, seeing how much bigger the world is than just your own day to day life. I’ve also been very inspired by nature, certain memorable hikes and places i’ve been, hiking high up in the rainforest in Hawaii is one of them, thats definitely where the rainforest vibes come from, including those bird sounds on some of our tracks, field recordings from yours truly!
With a fanbase that grows daily and an ever-evolving sound, Dynohunter has keenly positioned themselves to make the preverbal next step in their musical journey. Their set at Cloak & Dagger is certainly not one to be missed. Truly a band worth keeping an eye and both ears on this year and beyond. Make sure to look out for those new tunes and jungle vibes coming soon. In the meantime you can get your tickets for this weekend’s Cloak & Dagger festival here. This lineup is stacked with talent and Dynohunter is certainly no exception, hope to see you there!