By: Mike Harris

Electronic duo Golf Clap have had themselves quite a year so far and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I had the chance to catch up with members Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal about their influences, evolving sound and more in an exclusive interview prior to their set at this year’s Cloak & Dagger Music Festival.

What’s your inspiration?

Golf Clap: Our main inspiration has to come from the warehouse raves from the 90’s scene in Detroit and Chicago. That was our first real introduction to house music and our sound definitely reflects that. In addition, the resurgence of house music into mass media has been a great motivator as well.

How do you feel your sound has evolved?

Golf Clap: We were playing a lot deeper when we first started Golf Clap. We’ve evolved into playing quite a bit harder and also have incorporated a lot more into our DJ sets now that we use four decks. We play for the room, and the rooms have become increasingly bigger over the years and so has our sound.


What continues to challenge you both in the studio and on stage?

Golf Clap: You’re always still learning when producing music. No matter how long you do it, there’s some new technique that you’ve never tried. Some days it seems impossible to write something good, and others it comes out really naturally. On stage we are always trying to add new tricks and acapellas into the set. The more fun the set is for us, the more that translates to the dance floor.

What’s been the most surreal moment for you so far?

Golf Clap: Getting asked to close the Observatory at Electric Forest this year was just simply unreal. That whole day was like a dream come true.

Do you feel like the Internet has helped music transfer boundaries?

Golf Clap: Yeah, before you had to make the song and then get it pressed on vinyl. After that you only have a limited number of them and have to wait for distributors to get it to the stores before anybody hears it. These days you could make a song, post it the day you make it and get thousands of listens before the day is over if you wanted. We want our music heard by the most people possible with the least amount of barriers between the listener and the music.

Do you feel like the setting you find yourself in effects the type of music you write?

Golf Clap: We’re always going to shows and seeing different kinds of music and taking influence from it. When we played Electric Forest and some other festivals this summer we were playing a lot more bass heavy music. When we were in Europe we were playing a lot more tech house. When we were opening at Grasshopper a lot we first started Golf Clap we were playing a lot more deep house. We’re always going to adapt to our surroundings and take influence from things around us.


Despite their tame name Golf Clap has become synonymous with raucous celebrations. The duo has been crushing the festival scene and dazzling crowds nationwide with their unique sound and performances. Their upcoming set at Cloak & Dagger should be no exception. Amongst a lineup stacked with talent Golf Clap are truly a can’t-miss act. If you haven’t already, make sure you get your tickets for this one of a kind event while you still can.