I have a very special interview for you all today! Prior to his show here in Denver this Thursday, April 17th at the Gothic, I had an opportunity to speak with the one and only Harley Streten, better known as Flume. This Australian music sensation has had quite a busy schedule, and he took time out of his day at Coachella Brazil to answer a few questions for me. Shout out to /r/FutureBeats for submitting some really great questions for me to include.


Can you recall when you first started making music, and what tools you used starting out?

Flume: I started out at a really young age, probably around 10 or 11 starting out with Fruity Loops. I later moved on to Ableton Live and that’s what I use now.

There are quite a bit of Australian music producers that are gaining popularity recently, and I feel like you were one of the first to come out of this recent movement. What are your thoughts on this recent rise in popularity?

Flume: When I did a set for JJJ, which is broadcasted nationwide in Australia, they really backed me and supported me, and that helped spur a lot of it. Guys like Wave Racer, Touch Sensitive, Hayden James are some great ones that have been getting recognized overseas. It’s great to sit back and watch these guys gain more popularity.

What are some current artists that have been on your radar at the moment?

Flume: I have really been getting into Mr. Carmack, he has some really unique stuff. Oh yea, Kaytranada too, I’ve listened to him a lot lately.  Also there’s this other new guy from Australia, Basenji, you should check out his stuff.

How about future collaborations, are there any that you’re working on?

Flume: Well, there’s some things in the works, I always have quite a bit happening. I don’t want to speak too soon, but there’s definitely a few things in the books.

What about the collab with Lorde I’ve been hearing about?

Flume: We’ve sent a few things back and forth, there’s definitely something going on, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

What about your other project with Emoh Instead, What So Not? What’s been your status with that lately?

Flume: Well you know, believe it or not, I started What So Not before I did Flume. It was just my way to release bangers and club tunes, and Flume is my outlet for the more chill tunes. What So Not is really starting to kick off in the US which is super cool to see, unfortunately I have to pick one or the other to tour with. I wanted to give 100% to one or the other so I’ve been touring as Flume, then helping production wise with What So Not.

What’s been one of your favorite venues that you’ve played thus far?

Flume: The most memorable for me was at this festival in Corsica, France. The stage I played at, you had to catch a boat to get to the island it was on. I went from swimming, to jumping up on stage to play, boardshorts, no shoes, sipping cocktails, it was a fun time.

Do you have anything coming out that you’d like to let everyone know about?

Flume: I’ve got some stuff coming out, but I’m going to keep it under wraps.


Check out Flume at the Gothic Theater, this Thursday, April 17th!