The two founders of Desert Hearts, Lee Reynolds and Mikey Lion are coming to Boulder tomorrow December 7th, they’ll be at the Fox Theatre along with Marbs & Porkshop. Our resident DJ Producer and writer Andy Immerman had a few questions for the festival & collective co-founder Lee Reynolds ahead of the Colorado Take The Ride Tour stop. Tickets are still available for the show tomorrow night here.


How did your career as a BMX rider affect your career as a DJ?

Well in the UK you graduate high school at 16, so early on I had to make a choice between college and pursuing my dream of being a pro BMX freestyler. I decided to head to California and put myself around people that were doing what I wanted to do, and before long my dreams came true. I was in numerous magazines, touring around with my friends and making a living riding my bike. So basically it taught me that if you have goal, you absolutely obsess over it, and of course put in the time, you can make anything happen for you. I really believe it’s possible for everyone to be doing the things they love. Life’s too short to settle for your back up plan! I’m so completely obsessed with music, DJing, producing and throwing parties that there’s really no other option for me. I had to make this work.

What’s your secret?

Give what you expect to receive, and never give up!

Desert island, 3 foods, go.

Sushi, Mexican, Thai

How do you keep your energy up on tour?

My favorite thing about touring (with both BMX and DJing) is all the people that I’ve connected with over the years, and all the people that have connected at my events. Money can come and go but real friendships last forever, and I feel like I have the most amazing network of friends all over the world. That’s my greatest treasure. So I do push myself hard on the road to take the time to connect with as many people as possible, and to try and hit up after parties in every city. I guess I’m driven by the big picture and my ultimate goal of bringing as many like minded souls together as possible in an attempt to change this fucked up society we live in. I also usually sleep for 20 hours straight when I get home!

Using only animals describe Desert Hearts?

Hello Kitty

What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

Wow, tough question! If I have to pick one I’d have to say Papua New Guinea by The Future Sound of London. One of my all time favorites for sure!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hahaha, trick question for sure.. no way I’m EVER growing up at this point!

If you had to describe your music to a deaf person how would you describe it?

I’d show them my dance moves for sure!

What’s the last gift you gave someone?

I just bought my daughter Harmony a Boss RDC-30 Loop Station and gave her my Dave Smith Mopho synth. She has been making some incredible tracks and I’m doing everything I can to help her with her music.

How many flights have you missed this year?

Funnily enough I’m a fairly punctual person! We’ve definitely had some close calls rolling as a crew though. One time they wouldn’t let Porkchop on and he was literally right behind me! No missed flights for me yet though this year! Knock on wood. Lots of stiff necks from awkward plane sleeping though!!!

What superpower would you have if you could?

Well if I could fly like Superman, it would solve a lot of travel issues and I could squeeze in way more shows!!!

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

Commando’s the only way to go!

If you had a boat what would you name it?

The Love Boat

If you could book anyone in the world to play Desert Hearts who would would you book?

The Cure