In anticipation of his upcoming headlining show at the Ogden Theater next Saturday 2/13 Souls In Action’s Melissa Peterson got in some pressing questions to the producer.  Don’t miss the Live Band performance next weekend! Grab tickets HERE!



1. What do you love the most about the music scene in Chicago? If you had to relocate to anywhere in the country where would it be?

I love how alive the Chicago music scene is, and how frequently my friends roll through town.  Its phenomenal scene for all kinds of music, from electronic to hip-hop to blues to jazz….everything really.  Its a very inspiring city.  I don’t have any plans on relocating soon, but if the whole city of Chicago had to evacuate, I’d probably head to Colorado.

2. What has been your favorite Colorado performance to date?

Tough one!  Opening for GRiZ last year at Red Rocks with the All Good Fam is the most recent highlight, but every time has been amazing.  Last year at the Fox with Krooked Drivers is definitely a highlight for me.  All the homies came out for that one!  Michal Menert, Big Gigantic, GRiZ, it was awesome!  Opening for Break Science at the Ogden was also very memorable, Kevin Donohue from Sunsquabi was crushing it on guitar for my set and we ended that night with Manic Science & The Shady Horns with Eric Krasno on guitar.  Sonic Bloom was definitely a highlight for me last year, and of course playing Rowdytown 2 with Big Gigantic, Adventure Club, and Carnage back in 2013 was magic.  I love Colorado!

3. Tell me something unique about each of your albums. What kind of influence or inspirations made each one different from the next?

-Definition of the Rhythm
I was learning Ableton and Native Instruments plugins during the entire making of this album.  All my beats prior to this were made on outdated gear (mpc1000, yamaha s80, 2002 Emac, logic 6) This album was me rediscovering my love for making beats.

-Expanding Minds
This album was me gradually learning the music industry.  I made this album during my first year living in Chicago.  The local Chicago electronic music scene was my biggest influence on this album.

-Distant Perspective
This album is a reflection of my first year really experiencing life on the road and performing outside of Chicago.  The musician friends I made at shows and festivals were my biggest influences on this album

– Cerebral Eclipse
This album is me overcoming mental blocks with the help of my friends.  I was fortunate enough to have a lot of my close musical influences featured on this album.

4. What’s one of your biggest “pet peeves” as a music artist and producer?

Standing on long moving walkways at the airport is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.

5. So what exactly is a “Keytar?” I hear you’re a really talented piano player, do you utilize the keytar very often? Definitely sounds like a unique instrument to accompany an electronic set

A keytar is a keyboard that you wear over your shoulder like a guitar.  Ive used it a couple times and am gradually incorporating it more into my show.  I’d like to have a couple different keyboards on stage eventually.

6. You’ve definitely blown up in popularity over the last two years. What would you say was that defining moment or decision that took your career as an artist to the next level?

The day I quit my job and moved to Chicago 5 years ago was the decision that took my life to the next level.  Deciding to chase the dream is certainly a defining moment for any musician.

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