By: Emily Ford

Denver! Do you have plans this Friday night? Well, cancel them and come on out to the artsy Deevine Events venue for a full night of melodic electronic music playing well into the sunrise hours. In addition to local art collections on display, musicians Vinny Crippen and Nick Hadden who make up the electronic duo Melody Lines, will be celebrating the release of their latest EP “Ascension”. Melody Lines music incorporates both organic instruments and timeless vocals while maintaining a mellow electronic bass. This production is an excellent melding of the musical genre paradise that is Denver and sure to please a crowd of many different tastes!

For a deeper look into Melody Lines music I interviewed producer and guitarist, Vinny Crippen and, here is what I learned:

Tell us about where you’re from and how you started creating music.

I’m from Winter Park originally and have been in the Denver area since 2010. I was always into music and started playing guitar when I was 8. I played in rock, funk, blues bands in high school. When I was about 16 I discovered the world of electronic music. It inspired me and I knew it was the type of music I wanted to create. I started playing keys and studied music production in college. I went to CU Denver and started studying recorded arts and started producing electronic songs. After a few years of writing I debuted Melody Lines with my album “Into the Next World” and have been continuing with that ever since. 

What elements from your life inspire you to create a song?

The main things that inspire me in life are the music I listen to (which is a vast array of all styles). Even if I’m not trying to imitate music I like I think I’m subconsciously inspired by all the amazing artists and friends I have that make incredible music.

I try to approach each song differently. Most of the time I hear an idea from a jam on piano, or a sample in my library. I just try to do what feels right to me, and create music I would enjoy to listen to and see live.

Your music has a lot of organic musical elements such as vocals, horns and percussion, are you playing any of these yourself? What is your “musical training/background”?

I’ve played guitar for 15 years, piano for 7 years and have a music degree from CU Denver. The human element is really important to me. I come from a background of playing in bands. I love electronic music but I hate when it just sounds like a bunch of Bleeps and Bloops. Unfortunately I don’t know how to play a lot of instruments I want in my music like horns, or classical strings. I think if I tried to play every instrument I wanted too I wouldn’t be able to play them to the degree I’d like in my production. I use samples to get these sound but I edit them like crazy to match my composition. My sampling process is a little crazy to explain, but I approach things a little different and have figured out how to shape the melodies I want out of sampled instruments. Eventually someday down the road I’d like to record my own horns, & strings and do a sample free album, but that’s still in the distance

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned [or challenge you’ve had to overcome through this process / how have you grown] since creating your new EP?

I’ve learned quite a few lessons by now. Most of them aren’t actually related to music production but more so the business side of things. I have a music business degree but even though I understand it I’m not the greatest at executing the process. I’ve learned I’m pretty bad at meeting my own deadlines, and balancing life with music. But I’m getting better and am developing a team to make sure things are getting done in a timely matter. I’ve noticed it’s starting to get better so hopefully my fans won’t have to worry about me not releasing enough music much longer.

Can you give us a little preview of your show? What can we look forward to experiencing at Deevine Events this Friday?

Really looking forward to this one. Deevine Events is run by some of our best friends we’ve known for years. They’re doing some serious work bringing some incredible vibes and next level parties. They have some incredible artwork all over the place. We’re doing a pre party before with a showing from local artist Amanda Wolf. It’s going to be free before the show and you can meet with us and there will be a short DJ set. There will also be artwork from other artists including from our friend Braden Harp you may know as Skeyefi who will also be running live production mapping with fresh original video content.

We have sets from some amazing up and coming local acts. White Robot, Dr1zzle, Lavendar Juicebox, Bankaji, and Chef Products. Some of these guys we’ve known many years and am really excited to have them out. We’re going to be having some special sit ins and will have late night sets after us keeping the party going till 4am.



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